Welcome to the Age of Ruin website and forums.

Please note, The following blurb is for the NEW server which is under the new IP mc.icefuse.net This server is currently still on 1.7.5 so please log in with a 1.7.5 profile!

Age of Ruin (Previously Known As Ruincraft) is a MineCraft Server which has recently changed from a normal server to being part of a Multi Server Network called Icefuse Networks. Here the server is moving towards RPG as well as towny!

We will now only have one world

Survival Towny World – Quieter legit world for people to show off their skills of building and pvp, The Spawn is in this world, as well as the mysterious temple of Ankgor Wat, what will you find within the deep dark rooms of this dungeon building?

Quests, Dungeons, Fantasy what more could you want?

We allow forming towns immediately. Get started quickly and take part in the action from the first hour.

So what are you waiting for? Type in the server address mc.icefuse.com to get started

Also join the Teamspeak IP ts3.icefuse.com , and find the Age of Ruin channel to say hi!

To view the Dynamic Map, simply click the grass Minecraft block at the bottom right corner of your screen! 

Our Plugins Include:

| Towny  | Backpack | More soon |

We have also included some brand new custom items! Come and check them out!

Hope to see you on the server!

Want the maps from the old server?

Survival world:


Creative world: